Again, that word Fun.

To some my house is crazy. Sometimes it is clean, sometimes it’s an obstacle course. Sometimes it is so nuts I could scream. I do! I am learning to understand why it can be so nuts. Why it is all right to be this way. Believe me, anytime you call and ask what are you doing Ginette, the answer is “just cleaning.” I clean and pick up ALL THE TIME. I could blame the kids. Matthew, the husband. I could blame my friend’s kids or my friends when we are all drunk at 2am. I can blame me for letting everyone do crazy things in this house, including me. But crazy is fun, and I think crazy might be my zen. I am so tired trying to get everything”normal” yet I always choose wild and crazy.
I am starting my own Kid adventure party business. There are simpler ways to make a bit of money A bit is all i will make with this venture! I build big pirate ships and have cannon ball fights to blow away the minds of six year olds. I do think this is kinda normal. And fun.
My friend loves Mad Men and funky retro dresses, well lets throw her a party and build a dressing room and all the women can try on new dresses all night and let’s redesign the kitchen a la 60s. More chaos and cleaning todo Sunday morning, but we will have so much fun drinking Manhattans and martinis. Again that word fun.
Fun gets me in trouble. It has for as long as I can remember. The question I need to ask is: is the fun worth it?; and the answer I need to accept is: YES!



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