First post. I haven’t slept in three days, and restless for so many more. So many thoughts racing through my mind, with so many things going on in my l:

Here is where the perspective comes. Is your house a mess? well check out mine. Anytime you feel in the dumps about a mess, come to my blog. I will just post images and stories about the insanity of my life. I also do not want to be in the dumps myself about my messy house, but I also love to party, and build, and have coffee and watch movies and play LEGO.

I am not a hoarder, or a slob. I like clean. I really like clean. Living is messy. Living hard is messier. Cleanliness is a choice. A very good one. Right now for instance, I am finally starting this blog so I can sleep tonight, instead of emptying that damn dishwasher. Hey at least I cleared the dishes from lunchtime! I am choosing to write this and find a little quiet in my mind and leave those dishes till later


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